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Hello. I have contacted a seller a number of times over the last three weeks about an item but unfortunately I’ve not had a response. Is there any way still white can contact them by another method such as phone? I am very keen to buy the item. Thanks!

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I'm having this problem with all 3 sellers I've contacted, a couple have replied once or twice and then go silent even though you've seen your message, it is beyond frustrating!

Hi Ladies,

We display each sellers response rate and average response time on each listing which can help determine how active they are in responding back to you.

Stillwhite does not offer phone support but if you email our support team via here: we can email the seller on your behalf asking them to respond back to you.

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Many thanks to Stillwhite for providing the opportunity for both sellers and buyers! And of course, for the dress to be admired on a special day one more chance.
3 weeks ago
Amazing. The perfect way to buy without pressure. Find what you like in the store, then buy it on here for less!! I got a style that wasn’t sold in my country for half of what a shop quoted!!
Hanna, Oklahoma City
1 week ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to