Research Custom Duties and tax before you buy

Hi there potential buyers,

Wedding dress shopping is possibly the best and worst part of wedding planning. Everyone wants the perfect dress!

This website is great to find deals on designer dresses but make sure you do your homework on your country's custom duty and tax policies if you buy from overseas.

I got a relatively good deal on my dress but then ended up having to pay almost double for it because of duties and tax. It comes unexpected and messes with your budget. I was caught so off guard.

So to learn from my silliness, please do check this before making final purchases, especially if you're keeping to a budget.

Good luck with finding your perfect dress!

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Such a great tip Kim.

For everyone reading this thread, take a look at our help topic at and find your country.

Also, look out for the Tax & Duty notice on the payment review page after clicking a Buy Now button.


I took a look at import duty and taxes to the US and it is very confusing. Since we have a trade agreement with Australia, it looks like there aren't any additional fees for wedding dresses. However, there is also a note that there is a limit of up to $800 per item. I'm not sure which is correct, but the information is not intuitive. Has anyone in the US purchased a dress from an Aussie seller? Did you pay customs fees?

I have the same question as Tara. Anyone have any experience buying from Australia?

I friend of mine bought a dress from Still White recently. I'm not sure why, but she was not charged any taxes or duty fees. The dress was about $1000 so that may be why.

I bought my dress from someone in Australia. I didnt have to pay any additional duties or taxes.

Do you know if it's above a certain amount if there may be charges though?

Under $600 in what the item is worth I believe. So if it's labeled as worth under $600 there's no fee

Does anyone know if this also applies to New Zealand?

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