Ella rosa wedding size 8

Ella rosa be 326 wanted in size.8

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I have Ella Rosa dress. Size 8

What is price, was dress altered??
Do you have photo?

What is price, and was the dress altered?

Hi Sharon,

ITs been altered. B 35' W 29.5'
H 36.5'

I'm 5.4 in height and wearing 3' heels.

It's now £800.

Not sure how to add more photos to this reply but have taken some x

Couldn't see any pics????
Not sure what 800 pounds is, but the sample that the salon has is $800.00
I'm 5'7" won't be wearing shoes so i think that works. Whay would you take in dollars??

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This is an awesome website. Very easy to use and communicate with people. I sold my dress (top only) to someone in America who I’ve never met. She loves the dress!
Claire, Sydney
3 weeks ago
Selling my dress was easy, surprisingly fast, and secure. I was confident during the whole process.
Sarina, Laramie
1 week ago