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What is a boost?

A Boost is a completely optional way to promote your dress. It's like creating a brand new listing—only at half the price. There's no better way to attract fresh buyers and get your listing back on the homepage and on top of search results.

Many sellers who have had their dress listed for sime time, have made their sale after applying a Boost.

Benefits of a Boost:

  • Attract new buyers
  • Appear as a fresh new listing on homepage
  • Appear back on top in search results
  • Pay half the price of a new listing

How to Boost your listing:

  1. Sign in to your Still White account
  2. Click the Boost link against the item you wish to promote
  3. Complete the Checkout and the boost will be effective immediately

Boost pricing

For Boost pricing options, or if your ready to boost your listing, visit your Boost page.

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