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Forum Guidelines

At Still White, we have an amazing community of women supporting each other through the journey of getting married. We invite you to tap into the wealth of wedding knowledge held by our members through the Still White forum.

The forum is divided into different sections. Here is a guide on what to post where.

What belongs in Questions?

This is the place to get answers from the community about buying or selling on Still White. Have a question about how to list your dress or how to improve your listing? Need to know how to post a wedding dress from Sydney to New York? Have a question about making a Still White purchase? Ask away!

What belongs in Discussions?

Weddings is where to go to get advice and talk about wedding related topics with the community. Post here if you want to discuss anything and everything wedding. From engagement parties, wedding planning, to veils, dress designers and bridesmaids.

What belongs in Bugs?

The Bugs section is one of the places where you can report site issues and get technical support from Admin. For any listing or billing issues please contact support.

We invite you to participate in our community in a way that is encouraging, helpful, and respectful.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Be respectful. Respect all members and their posts. Keep our community a positive and supportive place.
  2. Don't spam. No spamming your business, products or dress. Easy.
  3. Have fun! Ask questions and share your wealth of knowledge by answering them too.

If you choose to express your ideas here, we ask that you be honest and transparent, posting as yourself and not with a fake identity.

Please keep in mind that the Still White Forum is a public space, and that your posts are permanent. Every member is responsible for what they post in the Forum. Still White reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content.

Have a question or looking for support? Feel free to ask the Still White forum for their words of wisdom.

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