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Do I have to pay commission or ongoing fees?

After the initial listing fee, there is no more to pay on Still White. No ongoing fees, no hidden costs and zero commissions to pay—means you keep 100% of your sale!

Listing fees

For our fees and to get started, see our listing options.

Transaction Fees

When receiving payments online, you may be charged a transaction fee by PayPal or your bank. Transaction fees are just a part of selling online.


Transaction fees apply to payments received through PayPal. Fees typically range between 2.6% and 2.9% for domestic transfers, and between 3.6% to 3.9% for international transfers but could be higher. Still White buyers prefer PayPal due to their Buyer Protection. Please do not ask buyers to use PayPal's 'friends & family' option, as this does not offer any form of protection. See PayPal's fees.

Your Bank

For international bank transfers, you may be charged a currency conversation fee which is usually slightly higher than the official rate.

To confirm the exact fee, please contact your financial service, and take this fee into consideration when negotiating your final selling price.

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