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My church has very strict standards for brides, similar to the Vatican, Orthodox Jewish, or LDS standards for brides - no cleavage, no visible shoulders, no visible back below the scapula bone, and sleeves at least to the elbows or longer. It has been a struggle trying to find such a dress that still looks classy, timeless (I really don't want to look like a 90's bride with those puffy sleeves), and doesn't completely hide my neck- any suggestions? I cannot spend more than $1300, but ideally hoping to find a gown under $1000.

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Hi Shelbie

I have this one for sale:


At the moment the neckline is quite plunging but it can easily be raised to be more modest, and you can close up the back by replacing the zip with a longer one.

Have u seen mine! I can negotiate the price with u! Brand new never worn.

Also depending on the petticoat, u can create a more aline look.

Also depending on the petticoat, u can create a more aline look.

Have a look at mine! X

Thank you Jazmin! Unfortunately your listing, while lovely, has a sheer back and a v-neck that's too deep. Thank you for letting me know though, and best of luck selling!

Price is negotiable, I’m moving and i can’t take much with me. I never wore it. Had to do a small courthouse wedding.

Shelbie what state r u in?

Hey Jude, thanks for reaching out, but your listed dress is quite a bit larger than my dress size, and the bare shoulders and sweetheart neckline do not fit the dress code requirements I have to meet. I'd have to do far more alterations than I'd like to with that dress, so I wish you the best of luck selling!

Are you still searching? My dress fits LDS standards. It would be stunning with full satin or beaded sleeves. It was designed more for a size 6-8 but I was a 12 when I wore it. I just didn’t have the corset as tight.

Thank you so much, Katelyn! While this fits the standards I need - and is really a stunning dress - I'm not sure that a corseted dress is the look I'm hoping for. Best of luck, and thank you!

Check out my listing. This dress is modest but completely sophisticated and chic.

Thank you so much Jamie, but I'm looking for a more opaque fabric for the sleeves and neckline. Unfortunately, the dress code doesn't allow lace lining unless the lace is extremely thick so that no skin can be seen under it. Thanks again and best of luck selling!

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Loved everything about it. Have been looking at dresses with you for a year now and finally found my dream :)
Lucy, Melbourne
1 week ago
Website is easy to use. I loved that I was kept updated via email of new messages from sellers. Great experience, no hassles. Thank you.
2 weeks ago