Made with Love Georgie (Lace or French Crepe) or Billie

Hi everyone - I am looking for a Made with Love Georgie in the lace or French crepe, or a Made with Love Billie, both in a size 6 or 8 if anyone has one. I am based in the UK but happy to have it shipped over.


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Hi Charlotte, we have a Georgie crepe size S we are willing to sell. Ex sample.

Hi Cecilia - where are you based? Can I ask how much it is please? Thanks!

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Absolutely brilliant. Thank you. The communication settings is fab. I love how up to date with everything i was kept and how easy it is to use the site. Xxx
Naomi, Brighton
4 weeks ago
Great service! Easy to use and secure! So excited to get my dress!!
Bridgit, Sydney
2 weeks ago