Buy a dress for sale, want to return?


I absolutely love this website, the philosophy and business behind it! There is a dress I want to purchase and try on, but what if that dress may not exactly be "the one"? What happens to my purchase? Am I able to return the dress to the seller?

Please advise.
Thank you!

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From what I understand, it can't be returned - you can go to the seller's location and try it on in-person before buying it. If you aren't able to do that, though, then if it's not "the one" and you've already purchased it, your only option is to re-sell it here or through some other place.

You cannot return unless the seller explicitly states a returns allowed policy.

I see. That makes sense. Thanks both of you for clarifying! Happy Holidays!

One thing you can try is to see if the dress you want (or a similar dress) is sold at a nearby boutique or wedding dress shop, and then try the shop's dress first! You might be able to get an idea of what the StillWhite dress would look like on you.

Another thing you might try is to simply contact the seller and see if you can figure out something! You may be able to write up a contract, or perhaps rent it out with a stipulation of having it dry cleaned later on? All the seller can say is "no," so it's worth a try!

Best of luck dress-hunting!

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Fantastic! Made the hard job (I didn't really want to let it go!) of selling my dress so easy :)
Allira, Melbourne
1 week ago
Great service. Easy to browse and contact sellers. If you have a great seller like I have had the experience is one I would recommend.
2 weeks ago