Buyer is threatening to refuse delivery of dress.

Buyer of the dress is saying that I charged her too much for the shipping of the dress. She requested that I use the cheapest option possible. And I believe that I did. She is now threatening to refuse delivery of the dress and get a full refund through her credit card company. I am unaware of what the average cost is to send a dress but I did declare value at $1,000...and require a signature for the dress. Dress had to arrive in an oversized box as to not ruin it. The style of the dress required a very large box which I'm sure added to the price for shipping. She wants me to give her back half the price for shipping

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Keep your receipts. If there is a dispute/chargeback on your paypal, show all your receipts and screenshots of conversation as evidence that it was refused, not undelivered. Your dress is beautiful and reasonably priced. Shame on her.

Thank you! So if she refuses delivery she's violating terms of PayPal is that correct??? I am so confused=-( And I am not getting any help from Still White yet? I am waiting on a call back from PayPal.

Hi Tanya

We have responded to your support request over email.

Thank you

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Wonderful. Was able to sell the dress within 30 days.
Adalisa, Yuma
2 weeks ago
Easy to navigate - great communication with seller, ease of purchase.
Ashley, Maumee
3 days ago