Dear Still White Team,
Do you have any plans to add categories for bridal accessories to your website?

It would be nice to be able to browse for the perfect veil or cold weather wrap, shrug or bolero to go with the dress.

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Hi Jennifer, this is something we may introduce in the future.

Just putting my please! in for this. Veils & hair pieces and jewelry and shoes!

I thought of this as well. Definantly needed.

How do I send an invoice using PayPal if someone wants to just purchase Veil?
Do I send a request for money or create an invoice?

Hi Debbie

You may use either feature - they are basically the same. Creating an invoice allows you to add more details such as description, quantity, shipping fees etc.


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Great seller
Ainsley, Milton
1 month ago
Very efficient. Appreciated the notifications each time someone was interested in my dress seller
Simmy, Broome
4 months ago